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MensajeTema: NOT DETECTED HACK USING GORDON   Sáb Nov 21, 2009 10:18 pm


Ok I come to leave this simple guide I have seen many people abusing the hacks from Gordon in the headings and not care if they see them or if they report or not.

1-Have always two separate accounts: the main and the hacker, to avoid that if banean lose what they have achieved in the primary (which probably led them more work to the hacker)

2-Never get into rooms that say "HACK HERE" or "HACKS ALLOWED" or "POWER LEVEL COME HACK" or something like that, 99% of cases are cheating, players who organize personally know GMs (Game Masters The "police" the game) and call them to enter the game (although they enter the room is full and you have a password) and baneen people who are hacking.

3-By using the Gordon Hack is advisable to use a configuration like this:

* Wallhack: 0 or 1 (like Use it sparingly, do not go shooting like mad before anyone of you around the corner, I know a little more hidden and pretend to be surprised, stop occasionally kill, a marker of 60 0 kills a bit suspicious deaths is not?)

* Chams: 0 or any other value (As with the Wallhack use it with care, do not go shouting from the rooftops that you have cham and you can see them all over the walls)

* No fog: 1 (This itself is virtually undetectable, but be careful as Snow Valley screens, players over 70 yards are supposed to be invisible to a normal player because of the fog-distance uses the ESP to see the distance, so it may be suspicious that you're the only one in the game that can kill enemies from your base)

* Crosshair: 1 (Abúsalo all you want, they will not notice)

* Dynamic Box: the value you want, 1000 is good (another that is undetectable)

* 2D Radar: 1 (This is not detectable by itself, but if you combine it with Chams and do it too obvious, as you turn around 2 seconds before your opponent comes out the back because then it will have problems )

* No Spread & No Recoil: 1 (In each of these hacks are undetectable, but if you walk with a Machine Gun getting incredible hits, headshots, and while nutshots mark on the walls, because you're being easily detected friend .. It is best use these hacks with an Assault Rifle, SMG-or-equal with caution)

* Ghostmode: The famous ghostmode .. Well thanks to this, and plenty of players renoobs, the hacks have been detected easily and have been patched. True, it's fun ghost walk from one side to another without being seen and kill them and laugh out loud .. But it's not fun to lose the hacks because so many people who abuse. The important thing about this hack is to know that while in the "ghost mode" your body "real" is still where you left off, so I know a bit more careful where you leave .. This hack is not intended to be used 24 / 7, it is too obvious, anyone with a 0% hacks experience can recognize it .. It is best to use it at private parties with friends, if only real life friends and not be upset and report you or something xDD

* Glitch: 0 (just thinking about the pile of noobs I've seen using the glitch in obvious places such >>______<<"" uugghh me .... Ok see, the glitch is not intended to use it for front of everyone, not for use on small maps, not to be used at the base of the enemy, much less used when the Kill Cam is active. the glitch should be used exclusively on confidence games, or simply pass such as a wall-but first make sure that no one sees you. Another thing is when someone begins to die over and over only, people will realize that and seek with the Kill Cam to get him out of the game. When you use the glitch, do not be too high-level after 12 starts to stick or go to hell xD-pressure nor the arrows to move-ASWD or ← ↑ → ↓ - you move by holding down the X and moving the side and up and down with your mouse)

* SpeedHack: Another reason why we are so easily detected .. Gentlemen (and ladies xD)! THE SpeedHack CAN NOT GO MORE THAN 2! It is easy to see when someone is using speedhack .. The best thing 1 or 2 over 3 is super easy to detect. If detected, say they have Light Vest or are using the Stamina Refill (eye, only if they are specialists, normal characters can not use Stamina refill). It is more advisable to use the speedhack in 2 and counter it, how? Easy, using a male character with heavy weapons and heavy objects for protection Vest, and will have extra defense and good speed.

Tomorrow I will upload the guidance of Gordon, greetings
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